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About us

Let yourself shine.

Why Estelle

Our goal at Estelle London is simple.


We inspire women to shine when wearing our beautiful clothing. We support our community with every garment sold.




Our commitment to exceptional products shows in the innovation and creativity that is the heart of our company. Our talented and highly skilled team choose high end materials and finishes and produce quality garments made by hand, with care.


Our well-priced garments will inspire you to shine every day you wear them!


Our collections are very modern, feminine, and effortless to wear. We know that busy women need clothing that works, fits perfectly and feels good through the day.


Whether daywear, evening wear or cocktail wear, we want you to shine and feel confident and feminine in the Estelle London Brand!





We are a responsible brand; we make smart choices in our ecology, in our manufacturing processes, and in our charitable work. Here’s how we do it:


  • There is no forced or child labour in our workshops. Ever.
  • We have proper working and sanitary conditions. Always.
  • We always comply with every government regulation to dispose of extra materials, both recyclable and non-recyclable, thereby reducing waste.
  • We have very stringent sampling and manufacturing quality guidelines and use small quantity orders to help fill workflow.
  • Our processes use the least amount of energy and resources we can, saving energy and money


Every garment that is sold helps women; not just the wearer, but the community of women everywhere.

Our founder started out in a career in social work. While she loved her job, she wanted to find a way to merge her love of a fashion and continue to help others, everyday. Creating a company that had a large charitable presence in the community was natural for her. Clothing is a way to support others in feeling better about themselves, and the success of Estelle London means that the company can have broader charitable intentions.

Our brand celebrates women by donating a portion of net proceeds to charities that empower women





Our founder continually challenges her team to strive to celebrate women everywhere. She wants to symbolise hard working, loving and caring women through her brand, Estelle London.


In caring about sustainable fashion, about how women feel when they dress, and through her charitable actions, she leads the fashion industry in caring for her community.


Estelle London is proud to announce a working relationship with the charity, Dress for Success Greater London. This international charity empowers womeninto the workplace from positions of vulnerability by providing free professional clothing, styling, interview tips and techniques. Dress for Success is a natural fit for Estelle London and the passions of empowering women that we embrace! We will be sharing our work with Dress for Success in stories we share in the future; please watch for them and become involved. We’d love to have you with us.