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August 16, 2019 2 min read



Whew!  I couldn’t be prouder of these clothes!  The quality, the design, the colours and the fit are all top-notch.  Watching this video makes me realize how much our clothes help define us, keep us looking great, and enable us to move forward, empowered to be the amazing strong women we are!



When designing clothes, I always start with the woman in mind.  I can see her, waiting for the train, handbag slung over her shoulder, a newspaper under her arm, work on her mind.  Or, she’s at a restaurant, just having come from work, waiting for her partner to join her before they go home and eat dinner with the kids.  She’s busy.  She’s working and wants to look and feel classy.  She loves to wear high-end luxury clothing and feel comfortable while managing and maintaining her busy life.  This is who I design for.



The Adeen dress is one of my favourites.  The fabric has a touch of stretch, making it easy to move in, and it always looks great as it holds its shape no matter what you’re doing.  It is a very sexy dress; it hugs in all the right places, yet everything is covered.  Add a jacket and you’re at work; add a silk shawl and you’re ready for the evening.  Adeen is a bold statement, but it can whisper with small diamond earrings and black stilettos.  I love how women have been tagging their photos on our Instagram account, showing how they are wearing the Adeen dress.  It’s really a classic piece!

Coordinates are always a woman’s best wardrobe friend.  Mix and match gives us so many more looks, don’t you think?  The original set of the Ammara skirt and the Stella top have been so sought after this season, and there are many reasons why.



The skirt is lace, a fitted pencil silhouette. It took a great deal of design work so that it would be the perfect lace skirt; form-fitting, and clean and crisp throughout the day. We spent a lot of time looking for just the right lace for this skirt, and I believe we’ve made an easy to wear and elegant piece. I do hope you enjoy it!



We wanted to design a top for the skirt, to make an outfit that you could put on at a moment’s notice, and know you will be comfortable and look classic as you go through your day. The Stella top is the perfect match for the Ammara skirt. It has lace detail around the neck, not so much it overwhelms, but just enough to take the place of jewellery if you wish. It is constructed of a well-fitting stretch fabric and it will move with you throughout the day. We chose a cream colour that will move from season to season with aplomb; spring or fall, depending on your accessories. I am very proud of this outfit and our customers just love it!

Where are you wearing your Adeen Dress? Have you been mixing and matching your Ammara skirt and Stella top with other pieces? Do show us your bespoke style on our Instagram Feed. We’d love to see you! #estellelondon